Department of Classics

The Department of Classics offers instruction in the Ancient Greek, Latin, Hebrew, & Modern Greek languages, literature, history, and philosophy, all leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. The Classics program at Miskatonic University provides a solid foundation in Ancient Greek & Latin by reading from original language texts. It further builds on this foundation through instruction in prose and poetry culminating in the student writing a research paper in Latin. During the course of study, students will take classes in Archaeology, History, and Philosophy.

The Classics Department offers courses from beginning to advanced levels in Ancient Greek and Latin, and literature, and also in Modern Greek. Along with classes in classical literature, mythology, ancient history, philosophy, and religion.  These classes are offered only after the student has completed LAT 101 to 202 & GRK 101 to 202.

Concentration in Classics

Currently there is only one track in Classics at Miskatonic.  This track, Classical Philology & Ancient Civilizations covers both Ancient Greek & Latin along with the history of both cultures.

Concentrators are strongly encouraged to take courses in Art History and Archaeology to integrate these various fields of Classics by writing a senior thesis or by undertaking another kind of senior project that achieves the same goals and is acceptable to the department.


  • Greek & Latin 101, 102, 201, & 202
  • Modern Greek 101 & 102
  • CLAS 301, 302, 303, & 304 (Greek and Roman history).
  • Five other courses in classics, including classical archaeology, Greek, Latin, or related areas to be approved by the concentration advisor.
  • Four Latin courses on the 300-level or above.
  • Four Greek courses on the 300-level or above.


  • Students may earn honors by presenting a satisfactory thesis.  In order to qualify for honors, students must maintain an overall “A” average in the concentration.